Computershare Veteran Employer Profile


Join other veterans who have found a career path at Computershare and you’ll be able to use your skills and experience to progress as part of our global team. We are looking for people who can bring new ideas, challenge the status quo, and exceed the needs of our clients, their shareholders and customers.

About Us

We are the world’s largest stock transfer agent, and we have pioneered many of the securities industry’s innovations that help companies build and maintain strong relationships with their investors, employees and customers. From our early beginnings in a Melbourne suburb, we have grown rapidly in markets around the world to meet the evolving needs of our 40,000+ clients.

Today, Computershare offers a comprehensive range of professional services including stock transfer, employee equity plans, investor relations, corporate governance and other business solutions.

Join Our Team

At Computershare, we invest in and develop our employees so they can achieve their professional goals. We encourage our people to dive in, roll up their sleeves and take on the many opportunities bound to come their way.

We embrace our diverse cultures across the regions in which we operate, and bring together many different businesses, many different people and many different products and services around the world.

We offer training and development programs that allow you to expand your skills and abilities to offer you a career, not just a job. Our culture of collaboration encourages our people to work together to solve today’s business problems and create tomorrow’s products and services.

A Global Business with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

What makes Computershare stand out is our entrepreneurial spirit; it’s an integral part of our culture. We encourage our employees to stretch themselves, float new ideas and take on new challenges. We value the diversity of talents, expertise and experience of our people — we know this makes our businesses stronger and more agile and positions us for long-term growth and success.

If you’re looking for a company that creates career-building opportunities, with offices in more than 20 countries, Computershare can give you a world of potential.

Military Success Stories

“In the Army, being all that you can be was more than just a slogan. It was about digging deep within yourself and putting it towards achieving your objective. Computershare embraces this same construct when it comes to innovation, adoption of new technology and their approach to collaboration, and knows how to celebrate people for their contributions. As a veteran, I feel right at home.”

- Rik Nelson, Senior IT Manager and US Army Veteran Read more success stories

“I would advise other veterans that working at Computershare is very rewarding. There is a great team atmosphere in the departments with lots of opportunity for growth. From starting in 2016, I have quickly progressed into a more senior role. I started out as a Transaction Processor and since then have been promoted four times. I now work in a senior position as an Assistant Team Leader. I believe that the skills I developed in the military, such as being flexible, able to quickly adjust and overcome challenges, have helped me to make the most of the career opportunities available at Computershare.”

- Kristen Meiman, Assistant TL and US Veteran Read more success stories