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About PKL

PKL employees

Headquartered in Poway, CA, PKL was founded in 2003 by Mr. Samuel Flores, Jr.  Sam retired from the US Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel after 30 years of dedicated service with extensive experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

PKL employs approximately 500 personnel in multiple countries and we are honored that so many of those personnel are veterans. We have traditionally maintained a workforce that is approximately 90% veterans!

PKL has supported the US Government and foreign governments in locations around the world to ensure the readiness of their aviation fleets. We incorporate aircraft maintenance, training, logistics, and program management in that endeavor. To do this well and effectively, we rely on the skilled expertise of PKL’s most valued asset – our employees.

Hiring Skilled Veterans

PKL employees

The majority of our employees transition directly from the military to the civilian workforce, performing on contracts that allow the employees to directly utilize their aviation maintenance, training, and logistics experience in support of military contracts.

The aircraft on which our employees perform their duties and the associated contracts require unique technical skill sets for the various aircraft types and we are grateful that these veteran personnel continue to utilize and improve upon their skills while working for PKL. Our diverse and wide-ranging work environments allow our veterans to transition to civilian employment while operating in a work location and environment with which they are familiar.


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What Our Veterans Say About PKL

Working for PKL Services has given me the opportunity to further develop professionally to pave the way for bigger and better things, wherever my career path may lead.  The company is forward-thinking in positioning itself for future growth while still maintaining its core value of caring for its most precious resource - the employee.

– Lance W.

The period I worked for PKL Services was truly enjoyable. I worked in a professional atmosphere with true professionals that took pride in their work and the organization supported their employees from the CEO to the first line supervisors. Great company to work for!

– Dwayne B.

PKL Services was a first class organization to work for, from the HR department all the way up to the CEO topnotch support and dedication to their employees. I hope to have the chance to one day work for them again.

– Robert T.

PKL’s Vision and Ethos

Our Vision:  We are an elite provider of skilled personnel, delivering Aerospace Maintenance, Training, and Logistics Services, committed to continual improvement, exceeding customer expectations, and implementing quality standards in dynamic environments.

Our Ethos: PKL’s ethos is centered on the concept of “Row True.” This is our motto, of which there are two key elements. The first is Personal Accountability: Each person has their hands on an oar and is accountable for their attitude, performance, and behavior. The second element is Teamwork: We are all in the boat together, rowing towards the future, and rowing unified towards a common goal. In addition to Row True, our ethos is built on professionalism, knowledge, leadership, and service.

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Awards and Recognition

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Top MRO 2023 – Awarded by Aerospace & Defense Review for Maintenance, Repair, and Operation organizations
Best of Poway 2023 – Awarded for Best Aerospace Company in Poway, CA
Vets Beyond the Uniform Veteran Ready mentoring award 2020
We Hire Vets Veterans Honor Roll. San Diego Regional Chamber.
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