Weekend Workout Fun and Logical Use of Rest Days

Recruits of Delta Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, execute the ammunition can lift during the Combat Fitness Test at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (Photo By: Jericho Crutcher)

Longer workouts are tough to do during the week when work, school, and life limit the amount of time that can be spent training. Often, my recommendation is to make the work week day or two to be your exercise day/s off when you are most busy anyway versus spending the weekend as your natural rest days. So if you like to workout 5 days a week, here is a plan that can enable you to train harder on the weekend and allow for a busy day of the week to be a logical “rest” day or non-workout day. You may find this method to be much less stressful during your work week.

If you can start your weekend on a Friday and lift / PT, then get a good set of cardio in on Saturday, and use Sunday as a Mobility Day off, you may find that a “rest day” on Monday and Thursday to work for you. But keep the rest days fluid and use them when needed – when most busy.

Friday Full body Lift, PT, Cardio Mix

Warmup with 10 min run or bike

Repeat 5 times

  • 5 min Tabata (bike) or ½ mile run timed
  • Pullups (wt) max
  • Bench press 5
  • Squats 5
  • Overhead plate carry lunges 10/leg
  • Dead lift 5 Hang Clean with front squat 5 OR mix all together doing the MJDB#2 for 15
  • *note you can skip the triceps extension of the MJDB if you want to make it heavier.

Light stretch Cooldown 10 min run or bike Saturday Cardio Day Depending on your cardio of choice, mix in what you want to work on or all of them if you have time: Run - Ruck – Swim Options Day 4 mile run or 4 mile ruck If available - find a hill and mix in a few hill run / rucks during the workout. Or Swim 1 hour with fins and without fins / rest with tread as needed - if you need to focus on swimming endurance, pool skills like treading, drownproofing, etc.. Lower back plan - do stretches later in the evening

Day 7 can be Mobility Day This has become a favorite way to get cardio, stretching and foam rolling included into a workout day. I personally prefer non-impact options like bike, elliptical, rowing, or swimming for the 5 minute cardio sets.  See the way to arrange this new classic: Repeat 5 times

  • Bike, elliptical, row, or swim 5 minutes
  • Stretch or foam roll 5 minutes

Top it off with 5-10 minute tread if you have a pool working on kicking and circling the arms in as many directions as possible that still keep you floating.  Then spend the next 5-10 minutes in chest deep water doing as many dynamic stretches as you know.  Exercises like buttkickers, leg swings, hip hinges, Frankenstein walks, and others in as many directions as your hips will move.


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