Favorite Workout of the Month: Special Ops Triathlon Plus Mystery PT

Rebecca Frye, a military spouse, competes in the swim portion of the Travis Triathlon at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., July 15, 2017. Over 25 participants competed in the triathlon which consisted of a 400 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride and a 5K run. (U.S. Air Force photo by Louis Briscese)

Every quarter in the Annapolis Maryland area, my workout group holds a longer event to practice the many events seen in selection programs throughout the military – the Special Ops Triathlon. 

The Spec Ops Tri includes a run, ruck, and a swim (with fins).  Also included is a varying exercise we add to the event to make it just a little bit harder, but also help prepare other elements of fitness such as strength, grip, and muscle stamina. The Fall season is upon us – here is the upcoming challenge:

Meet at noon at the Severna Park Community Center on October 27, 2018.  All proceeds go to a local community center where much of the county uses the pools, gym, weight rooms, dance center, and other community activities and athletic programs.

At 1pm we will begin the workout with a Murph Like Workout:

Warmup with the 100,200,300 Workout:  100 pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 squats

Swim 1 mile with fins – After the swim you have to accumulate 100 4-count flutterkicks with fins.

Run 4 miles – Throughout the run, you have to accumulate 100 lunges per leg.

Ruck 4 miles – Throughout the ruck, you have to lift your backpack 100 times over your head. (100 push press)

MISSION TIMELINE: 27 October 2018

Special Ops Triathlon plus Mystery PT:

12:30pm - Check in at the SPCC Lobby

1:30 - Insertion: 4 mile run (mixed with PT stops)

2:30 - Infiltration: 4 mile ruck (mixed with PT stops)

4:00 - Exfil / Extraction: 1 mile swim with fins – add in PT

5:00pm - End OPS

Join us and help make this event a fun and challenging event for active duty military, police, and fire fighters, as well as the Heroes of Tomorrow and the Severna Park Community Center.

Join us virtually, get a training plan, patch and know that your donation goes 100% to the Community Center that allows the Heroes of Tomorrow to train for free 500-600 hours a year!

Located in Severna Park Maryland at the Severna Park Community Center.

Event Price: $99 civilians / $25 mil, police, fire, Vets

The goal is to try to get people to donate at least $99 and then your entry fee is waived. You can pay the day of the event if you wish, but you need to reserve your spot. (Email me - stew@stewsmith.com)

Active military, police, fire fighters, vets - the fee is $25 and you can pay on the day of the event. But try to get a few "sponsors" to help out the cause or get a Heroes of Tomorrow T Shirt to help too.

Reserve personal spot or group spots by contacting Stew Smith at stew@stewsmith.com.

Standby for future events.  We do a Winter, Spring, Summer (Night Ops), and Fall Spec Ops Tri’s each year that all include roughly the same distances of 1 mile swim, 4-5 mile runs, 4-5 mile rucks along with a changing mystery PT to accumulate during the event.

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