Profile: 528th Sustainment Brigade

528th Sustainment Brigade conducts live fire training.
Soldiers from the 528th Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne) conducted convoy live fire training on April 12-13, 2017, at Fort Bragg, N.C. (Sgt. Vance Williamson/528 Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne)

The 528th Sustainment Brigade, Special Operations (Airborne) is responsible for providing logistical, medical and signal support for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) worldwide in support of contingency missions and warfighting commanders.

In October 2001, 150 soldiers of the then-Special Operations Support Command (A) were among the first deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Since that time, the unit's soldiers, known as "Sentinels," have been deployed continuously in support of overseas contingency operations, much like their U.S. Army Special Operations Command comrades in arms around the globe. The Sustainment Brigade's support to overseas contingency oerations provides unrivaled value to Special Operations Forces in defense of this nation.

The brigade has transformed in the past few years from a unit that doesn't typically deploy to one constantly rotating into the field to make sure Special Operations Forces have what they need to fight and win. On a typical day during the past six years, about 35% to 40% of the brigade's nearly 800 soldiers have been deployed in small teams of from two to eight people.


Headquartered at Fort Bragg, N.C., the 528th Sustainment Brigade, Special Operations (Airborne) sets the operational level logistics conditions to enable Army Special Operation Forces (ARSOF) operations worldwide. It uses three ARSOF Support Operations teams (ASPOs), three Special Operations Resuscitation teams (SORT), five ARSOF Liaison Elements (ALE), two Medical Level II teams and 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion (Airborne). Together the units of the brigade ensure that U.S. Army Special Operations Forces are equipped to perform their missions.

The brigade has the capability of providing technical control to multiple Special Forces group support battalions in the planning and execution of ARSOF combat service support and combat health support. The 528th Sustainment Brigade, (SO) (A) is capable of deploying three Army Support Operations teams in support of three ARSOF-based Special Operations Task Forces or a SOF-based JTF. The Support Operations team initially co-locates with the group support battalion or a Ranger support operations detachment. It provides ARSOF with an in-theater presence, providing centralized and integrated material management of property, equipment maintenance, logistical automation and repair parts and supplies.

ARSOF Liaison Elements soldiers are embedded in Army regional theaters' staff. They plan and coordinate with theater Army, Special Operations Command and Army Special Operations Command to ensure support during operations and training. As a theater Army staff member, these officers and non-commissioned officers' knowledge of theater-specific requirements and capabilities assist units in coordination with the theater.

The medical section provides Level II medical support as USASOC asset managed by the brigade surgeon and constitutes the nucleus of the capability of receiving a conventional Army Forward Surgical Team. The medical section is robust enough to provide combat health support on an area basis for approximately 450 personnel. The support includes unit-level medical support and health services, logistics, emergency medical and resuscitative treatment for all classes of patients; emergency dental treatment, physical therapy and preventive medicine support, while maintaining Standard Army Management Information Systems and providing veterinary support.

Members of the 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion specialize in communication and force sustainment skills, employing innovative telecommunications technologies to provide Army Special Operations Task Force commanders with secure and non-secure voice, data and video services. In their respective fields, signal and support soldiers provide oversight of material distribution management, synchronization and integrated material management of property accountability, maintenance management and logistics automation for deployed ARSOF. Communications expertise allows ARSOF to "shoot, move and communicate" on a continuous basis. Soldiers assigned to ARSOF units are taught to operate and maintain a vast array of unique equipment not normally used by their conventional counterparts. To meet the needs of ARSOF, the Sustainment Brigade (A) has developed logistical and signal packages that are rapidly deployable on a moment's notice. Soldiers assigned to these units are airborne qualified.

The 528th Sustainment Brigade (SO) (A) embodies its motto of "We Support to the Utmost," providing the means to execute logistics in support of ARSOF operations effectively and efficiently.

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