Marine Recapture Tactics Team

Marines performing CQB training

The Recapture Tactics Team (RTT) falls under the purview of the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment and do not deploy. They're placed in Nuclear Weapon Stations and US Naval instillations as a permanent security force, and you won't find these guys asleep at the monitor. RTT specializes in responding to security threats where they're stationed and recapturing property, personnel, and materials.

According to American Special Ops, RTT squads are composed of three elements:

  • Breachers – skilled in various methods of entry, including using explosives
  • Shooters – trained in close quarters battle (CQB)
  • Designated Marksmen – sharpshooters, typically armed with M14 DMRs


To become a member of RTT, candidates must complete a diverse range of courses geared towards close combat and security. The training is very similar to what FAST undergoes, and RTT maintains a squad that specializes in Close Quarters Battle

In no particular order, the training schools are as follows:

  • Basic Security Guard (Marine Corps Security Guard Anti-Terrorism Training)
  • High Risk Personnel;also known as;executive protection
  • Close Quarter Battle School
  • Designated Marksman Course
  • Methods of Entry or MOE, (small unit demolition and door breaching tactics)
  • Interservice Nonlethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course and other riot control techniques
  • Helicopter and Rope Suspension Techniques Master Course.
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