Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)

Joint Special Operations Command participates in exercise
Senior Airman Brennan Hill, 9th Special Operations Squadron loadmaster, observes as their sister MC-130J Commando II is prepared for takeoff during Emerald Warrior/Trident at Naval Air Station North Island, California, Jan. 23, 2019. Emerald Warrior/Trident is the largest joint special operations exercise where U.S. Special Operations Command forces train to respond to various threats across the spectrum of conflict. (Staff Sgt. Erin Piazza/U.S. Air Force)

The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a subunified command of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). It is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques, ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop joint special operations tactics.

Despite its innocuous sounding charter, JSOC has made strides in the special operations field and is comprised of rigorously screened and accessed soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and civilians. These men and women possess unique and specialized skills, and are routinely among the best in their field. Among them are seasoned combat veterans who cut their teeth by participating in joint special operations, such as the Son Tay Prison Raid during the Vietnam War in 1970, long before JSOC was activated.

More recent members of the command include active-duty special operations veterans of all services who successfully have completed the toughest training regiments and demonstrated their mettle under the most challenging and difficult circumstances, including combat. As a result, past and present members of JSOC have participated in all of our nation's wars and contingency operations since it was activated in 1980.

Included among the places that military and civilian members of the command have previously served are Desert One in Iran (1980), Grenada (1983), the Mediterranean Sea during the Achille Lauro hijacking (1985), Panama (1989), the Mideast during the Gulf War (1991), Somalia (1993), Haiti (1994), the Balkans (1996-2002), Afghanistan (2001-present) and Iraq (2003-present).

The command is always decisively engaged in working to fulfill its charter and typically has members located throughout the world at any time. An incredibly busy command, JSOC accomplished its assigned missions successfully in the face of expanding commitments largely due to the quality, dedication and patriotism of its military and civilian members and the family members who support them.

Units Under JSOC:

Delta Force

Intelligence Support Activity

United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (formerly known as SEAL Team 6)

24th Special Tactics Squadron

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