11th MEU Conducts Mech Raid

11th MEU conducting raid practice during training.

11th MEU Conducts Mech Raid

By Cpl. Demetrius Morgan | 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit 

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. -- "Train like we fight" is one of the most commonly used phrases in the Marine Corps and has been one of the themes for the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit's pre-deployment phase so far. The MEU continued to train as they fight during a mechanized raid-training event here Feb. 11-12

"There are many different types of raids," said 1st Lt. Cori Moyer, a platoon commander with the 11th MEU. "We mix things up so we can get these guys used to completing tasks in any setting." 

Their mission: to advance toward a seemingly deserted area, locate their known objective (two tents) and secure those tents and the surrounding area.

The assault teams dispersed throughout the field before taking the prone position and awaiting the order to proceed towards the objective. Marines were split up into two teams. Each team attempted to infiltrate the designated area from different sides detaining and/or eliminating any seeming threats.     Utilizing the basic tenants of fire and maneuver, the Marines quickly arrived at their assault points. They occupied the tents where they found improvised explosive device materials. "EOD," yelled one of the Marines to his squad.

Four explosive ordinance device technicians sprinted toward the tents. They immediately began analyzing all the reported evidence and nullified the explosives. The Marines then pulled out of the area once it was fully secure.  

"Its all about the basics," said Petty Officer 2nd Class Brian Wolf, a Special Operations Training Group instructor and corpsman. "A lot of people think that these special forces guys do complicated stuff when really all they're doing are the basics. Brilliance in the basics is what we are trying to do here."  

During the second day, Marines used the same tactics on different terrain occupied by three houses.  They assaulted the houses from the front and the rear, securing two of the three houses simultaneously. Next, they used the two houses as vantage points for suppressive fire directed at the third house while a separate assault force infiltrated from the side. EOD technicians went through every house to analyze and document abnormalities. Marines exited as quickly as they entered by way of their vehicles.    

"The key to a lot of these raids is being quick," said Moyer. "We have to be in and out before anyone can respond."  

This training event is one of the many evolutions the 11th MEU will conduct in preparation for their scheduled deployment this summer.  

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