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  1. Space Available Flights

    If you don't absolutely, positively have to be somewhere by a certain date and time, you can take advantage of the Space Available Travel program. Space Available Travel, better known as Space A or military hops, is a unique privilege provided to servicemembers, retirees and their families. Through this program, you could fly for virtually free. However, flying Space A requires a lot of flexibility and patience. Check out the Space Available Travel section for more details.

  2. Military Discounts on Air Tickets

    Many commercial airlines offer discounted airfares to the military community. Check out the Military Travel Discount Center for a list of available military airfares and other discounts.

  3. Promotional Rates and Special Deals

    Keep in mind that military deals on air tickets are not always the best deals out there. In many cases, special promotional rates and limited time deals will offer you a better discount than the standard military rate. Explore your options in the Military Travel Discount Center.

Traveling on Official Business?

Try to always take advantage of GSA City Pair Airfare. The airfares offered under this program average a 74% discount off comparable commercial fares. In addition to the tremendous price savings, the Airline City Pair Program has many features which allow government and military travelers all the flexibility possible in planning official travel. The benefits of this service include:

  • Fares are priced on one-way routes permitting agencies to plan multiple destinations
  • No advance purchase required
  • No minimum or maximum length stay required
  • Tickets are fully refundable
  • No charge for cancellations or changes
  • Last seat availability
  • No blackout periods
  • Non-stop service was awarded in 95 percent of the markets where non-stop service was offered
Visit the GSA City Pair Program website for more details.

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