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Travel - Military Lodging Overview
Military Lodging: An Overview

Military life has special privileges! When you travel, you can take advantage of many convenient and inexpensive lodging options available around the world from each branch of the military.

There are thousands of rooms available at temporary housing facilities, hotels, resorts, and guesthouses around the world. There are two major categories of military lodging - on-base lodging and Armed Forces Recreation Centers.

Each branch of the military offers its own special lodging styles and locations. Whenever you travel, use the planning information in this guide to take advantage of cost-effective lodging opportunities along the way.

Military lodging services are generally available to:
  • Military and civilian travelers on official orders
  • Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Federal Government, and DOD personnel on temporary duty
  • Soldiers and families on Permanent Change of Station official orders
  • Soldiers and families requesting lodging at on a Space-available Basis
  • Military retirees and their families
  • Widows/Widowers/Dependents of Retired Military Personnel
  • National Guard and Army Reserve Members and their families
  • Foreign Military (on orders)
  • DoD and DN (on orders), DoD and DN (not on orders, with Navy Exchange Privileges), Public Health (on orders) and Red Cross (on orders)
  • Medical in-patients and family of seriously ill
  • Medical out-patients
  • Official guests and visitors of the command may be able to stay in military lodging, but must be checked in by their sponsors.
Transient billeting quarters generally have different eligibility restrictions. Please check the individual on-base lodging options for each service for more details.

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