Getting Technical Training and Certifications in the Military


According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor electricians, carpenters, construction workers and computer systems specialists will soon be the most sought after and highest paid workers in the U.S. In fact the median annual pay for these professions ranges from $45,000 - $87,000 per year.

During times of economic downturn, skilled trades and technical certifications are generally shielded from layoffs like others are, as well.

The DoD has worked with the Departments of Labor, Education and Veteran's Affairs to develop many ways for you to pursue vocational and technical licensing and certification. These programs are designed to to either document your training and experience or offer you the opportunity to take courses, exams and practicals to get the types of certification and licensing that are vital to your eventual transition into the civilian workforce.

Many of these programs are available to you while you are on active duty. Some even allow you to attend training instead of performing your normal duties. Others let you get certifications which will transfer to civilian jobs based on your military skills, training and specialties. Still other programs allow you to use your military training to complete a technical or college degree.

As a service member or veteran you have several programs available that will help you get Vocational/Technical (VocTech) Training, Professional Licensing, Certification, and On-the-Job Training (OJT - veterans only). The following table will provide you links to further information and descriptions of programs that are available to you:

Army Voc-Tech Programs

Army COOL Program
Army Knowledge Online
Army Tuition Assistance
US MAP Apprenticeship Program

Navy Voc-Tech Programs

Navy COOL Program
My Navy Portal 
Navy Tuition Assistance
US MAP Apprenticeship Program

Marine Corps Voc-Tech Programs

US MAP Apprenticeship Program
My Navy Portal 
Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

Air and Space Force Voc-Tech Programs

CCAF Air University Programs
Air Force Tuition Assistance
US MAP Apprenticeship Program


Coast Guard Voc-Tech Programs

US MAP Apprenticeship Program
Learning Management System
Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Other Voc-Tech Programs

VA Licensing and Certification
VA Vocational Rehab (Vets Only)
VA OJT (Reserve and Vets Only)
Government Learning Center
Troops to Teachers
Helmets to Hard Hats

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