Navy SEAL TAP Test Pyramid Workout

Soldiers do the Murph workout in Djibouti.
Service members at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti came out to complete the Murph together in honor of all fallen military members, May 27, 2019. (National Guard/Jacqueline Robinson)

Sometime throughout the training pipeline, a SEAL candidate (BUD/S/SQT or BUD/S Prep student) will be introduced to the SEAL Tactical Athlete Program (TAP) Test.

The SEAL TAP Test is a challenging new tactical fitness test that tests more of the elements of fitness that the standard Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test does. You have to also master the SEAL and BUD/S PST in order to get to the Training. (Also see the BUD/S PST Classic Week Workout.)

The SEAL TAP Test is the new Tactical Athlete Program (TAP) where the focus of the test is strength, power, speed, agility, muscle stamina, and endurance (run and swim). Here is a way to mix in all the elements into a variety of pyramids. The following are important to performing well as your success through Hell Week could depend on them:

Navy SEAL TAP Test

Standing Long Jump Pro-Agility Test is the 5-10-5 yard shuttle run Bodyweight Bench for max repetitions. 25lb pullup for maximum repetitions. Deadlift (+1.5BW) 1 rep but can you build up to twice or more times your bodyweight? 300 yd shuttle run -- 12 x 25yd runs (sprint non stop) 3 mile run 800 meter swim

Pull-up and deadlift Pyramid 1-10/10-1

Pullup Pyramid 1-10 (with body armor, 25 lbs. weight vest) Do a reverse pyramid with deadlift and build up to bodyweight and 1.5 body weight in the 10 to 1 sets.

1 pull-up, 10 deadlifts 2 pull-ups, 9 deadlifts Keep going until 10 pullups and 1 deadlift (optional to increase weight on sets 5,4,3,2,1) Add in a shuttle run of 25yd x 2 throughout the pyramid for a total of 5 times.

Bench Press / Long Jump Pyramid 1-10

Bench Press x 1 at body weight -- see how high you can go up the pyramid.

Add in long jump, full 300yd shuttle, and 5-10-5 agility (odd/even sets)

  • Long Jump x 1 (odd sets)
  • Add in a Pro Agility Test (5-10-5 yd shuttle run on the even sets)
  • In place of either of the above, try a 300yd shuttle run in full

Finish with a 3 mile run and 800 meter swim. You can do this as part of the same session or make it part two of the workout day. Or, save the cardio events for a different day altogether.

You can mix in some running and swimming pyramids if you prefer.

Getting used to this test and all of the events in a single workout is critical to preparing fully for this long challenging test. You may need some days where you just focus on the cardio events or strength events to improve certain elements, but the overall conditioning that the test requires is not to be underestimated.

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