• MARSOC Raises Funds for 2014 NMCRS Fund Drive

    For 110 years the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has provided Marines and sailors with emergency financial assistance.
    Gunnery Sergeant Nastasi presentation.
  • Oregon Air National Guard Members Earn High Honors

    The Oregon Air National Guard honored a group of Airmen of the 125th Special Tactics Squadron with Silver and Bronze Star medals.
    125th Special Tactics Squadron
  • Airman by Day, Comedian by Night

    One NCO proves it's possible to be serious and funny all at the same time.
    Tech. Sgt. Ednerson Joseph
  • Amos Reconsiders Renaming MARSOC After Raiders

    The commandant of the Marine Corps is thinking about allowing his special operators to be called Marine Raiders after denying the proposal in 2010.
    Marine Raiders
  • 1st SOSFS Patrols the Skies

    Approximately one year ago, the 1st SOSFS began a small unmanned aerial system program to operate the RQ-11B Raven.
    Senior Airman Goffeney, training on UAV simulator.

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Marcus Luttrell is the Lone Survivor

Navy SEAL team with Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor.


War is never easy, but sometimes the morality of an individual conflicts with the necessity of combat in a way that reveals the content of their character. The U.S. military and those who support them are becoming increasingly aware of the concept of moral crisis – some servicemembers returning home are finding it difficult to understand and accept the actions they took while on active duty. For former U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, his personal moral crisis has become the subject of an autobiography and major motion picture. Luttrell was born on November 7th, 1975 to ranchers in Houston, Texas. Luttrell has gone on record stating... more

Special Forces Shape the Future of Afghanistan Ops

US forces in Afghanistan.

Army.mil/News | Oct 30, 2013

HERAT PROVINCE, Afghanistan (USASOC News Service, Oct. 21, 2013) – The 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) was activated September 1961. It is one of five such groups and a highly decorated special operations unit in the U.S. Army. The unit was originally formed during the cold war, specializing in teaching foreign fighters in guerrilla warfare tactics to topple corrupt regimes. The group served a key role in Afghanistan's fight for freedom by being the first soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. These elite warriors demonstrated their ability to adapt and overcome the challenges of being a completely expeditionary... more

1st Special Operations Communications Squadron

1st Special Operations Communications

Air Force News

The 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron supports the global warfighting and readiness missions of our Air Force special operations forces by providing a full spectrum of communications, computers, and air traffic control and landing systems supporting Hurlburt Field's special operations warriors, at home or deployed anywhere in the world. Dedicated to the motto, "Comm for Special Ops," the unit plans for, acquires, operates, and maintains base and deployed communications systems, including: critical command and control systems; local area networks; air-to-ground radios; base telephone systems; client computer systems; ground-ba... more

1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron

1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron logo

Air Force News

"Protect Who?...Protect You!" The battle cry of the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron reflects their worldwide mission--providing unequalled force protection for special operations. Approximately 270 security forces members provide physical security, entry control, armed response and police services to Hurlburt Field. They also deploy around the globe to defend AFSOC resources and troops in support of 1st Special Operations Wing and United States Special Operations Command missions. This unique unit also operates one of the busiest small arms ranges in the Air Force, providing combat arms training and maintenance to Hurlburt ... more


MARSOC rifle training.

Marine Corps News

What does MARSOC do? How is MARSOC Different from recon? What is the deployment tempo like? What happens if I'm not selected for ITC? Do I need to be an excellent swimmer? Do I have to re-enlist to go to A&S? How much time will my Marine spend away from home? Will I know where my spouse is going? What will my Marine do on his deployments? Where can I go for more family-specific information? Can I choose my duty station within MARSOC? What is the current SRB, and if I re-enlisted for a bonus in my current MOS or the OPFOR will I have to pay it back? Can I choose ot go back to my MOS after the five years are up? What special pay... more

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