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Which Historical Military Leader Are You Most Like?

George S. Patton

Photo: George S. Patton
National Archives


What is your leadership style?

Great military leaders have different leadership styles. Some of the most celebrated generals, like George S. Patton (left), were flamboyant and daring. Others, like the Duke of Wellington, were reserved and cautious in battle.

How do I take the test?

It's easy. You will be asked to make a series of four decisions, each one meant to determine a certain behavioral trait.

This test borrows from the field of psychology. By asking some simple questions, key characteristics that help define character types can be determined. With this body of knowledge and historical research,'s editors have attempted to match these characteristics with well-known generals.

Is this a contest?

No. This is just meant to be an entertaining way to examine your personality and see what great military leader you may have the most in common with. Enjoy and tell your friends!

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