Hanks to Tell the Tale of Pop-Tarts on HBO


Tom Hanks says the story of the U.S. mass-produced pastry Pop-Tarts is great material for his next HBO historical mini-series.

Hanks said on CBS' "Late Night with David Letterman" the life and times of Bert Loomis, the father of the venerable breakfast snack, is a truly original tale.

"I think it's an amazing aspect of what daily life in America has become, because of this man," Hanks said.

The Hollywood Reporter said the planned series will be a spoof of how the sacred morning meal became an eat-and-run affair revolving around a toaster.

Hanks has as good an idea as anyone about what works as a mini-series. He produced the HBO World War II epics "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific." He also has a series on college sports in development for the network.

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