Springsteen Plays Song for Navy Man in Afghanistan


Hope Napierkowski had been to 20 Bruce Springsteen shows before Monday night's gig at Citizens Bank Park and had heard Springsteen perform "The River" only once. The song has special meaning for the Bucks County teacher and her husband, Chris Napierkowski, a lieutenant commander in the Navy.

At Monday's concert, Hope held up a sign that said, "Please play the River for my husband in Afghanistan." It worked. The Boss came down to where she was sitting, took her sign, and played the song. Literally shaking from the experience, she asked the guy next to her to record the performance on her phone.

Later that night, when Chris called Hope, she told him to go on YouTube, where she had posted the clip.

Hope said that her husband, a Bridesburg native and Roman Catholic High grad, was moved by the "USA! USA!" chants that broke out when her sign was displayed and that she can't wait until he comes home in May. The couple hope to see Springsteen together again soon.

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