Bruce Willis Wanted $1M a Day for 'Expendables 3'


Bruce Willis walked away from "The Expendables 3" because he wanted to be paid $1 million a day for four days work, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"Expendables" co-star and producer Sylvester Stallone announced via Twitter this week Harrison Ford would replace Willis in the third installment in the action-hero ensemble franchise.

Stallone didn't say why Willis had left the project, but he did describe him as "greedy and lazy" in a tweet.

The Hollywood Reporter said Willis was offered $3 million for four days of work shooting in Bulgaria.

"He said he'd drop out unless he got $4 million," a source close to the production told the entertainment industry trade newspaper.

"A million dollars a day. Stallone and everybody else involved said no," the insider said. "I think [Willis] was pretty surprised he was replaced in 72 hours by Harrison Ford -- a better actor, a much nicer person and a more interesting direction for the film."

The sequel is to begin shooting this month.

Stallone and Willis starred in the first two "Expendables" films alongside famous action-movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Terry Crews and Jet Li.

"Expendables 3" is expected to feature Mel Gibson, Kellan Lutz, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich.

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