'2 Guns' Bull Scene: 'It Was Funky in There'


Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg agree being hung upside-down and dangled in front of a bull in Mexico was the toughest part about filming their new action picture "2 Guns."

Washington and Wahlberg play undercover operatives from different U.S. government agencies

who discover each other's real identities and team up to thwart a drug cartel and go after corrupt officers in their respective departments. The film shows the actors running, fighting and driving at high speeds -- all in what appears to be sweltering heat.

Asked about how physically punishing their roles were in the movie, Washington told United Press International in New York Sunday: "That bull scene.

"Because it was funky in there. It was like where they sold cows or something; like the auction room and it was hot and we were upside-down, so that [was difficult.]"

"I think that was the day Edward James Olmos was intentionally forgetting his lines. He really loved us being up in that position," Wahlberg added, referring to a scene in which drug dealers torture him and his partner to get information. "He had that big grin on. Because the first scene we did together, we had him tied up and we're slapping him around, so then we're tied up and upside-down ... ."

"And he starts forgetting his lines," Washington laughed, adding he felt safe even though the bull was real.

And big.

After starring in the 2012 drama "Flight," the double Oscar winner said he was looking for a lighter project and co-starring in a buddy movie with Mark Wahlberg seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

"We could have been mailmen," Washington told reporters at the press conference. "It was the opportunity to work with Mark without being cliched. We're buddies. It's a buddy movie. It was the chance to do that and have fun. I didn't do months of DEA research. Let's put it that way. I watched 'DEA Detroit.' It was a TV series. That was my in-depth research."

Co-starring Bill Paxton, Paula Patton and James Marsden, "2 Guns" opens nationwide Friday. The film was written by Blake Masters and directed by Baltasar Kormakur.

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