Turks Question Bond Filming in Bazaar

Merchants at Turkey's Grand Bazaar in Istanbul say they have mixed feelings after the shooting of several scenes at the site for an upcoming James Bond movie.

Although the "Skyfall" production company paid shop owners and street traders an amount equivalent to their normal daily earnings during the shooting days, some merchants criticized the decision to allow the production to be filmed at the historic location, Today's Zaman reported Sunday.

Some shopkeepers said they were concerned about possible damage and were also hesitant about how Turkey would be portrayed in the movie.

"I did not want my store to be part of the movie because I am pretty certain it will show Turkey as the home of the bad guy James Bond is after," one said.

"I saw they had decorated the bazaar with types of things we don't sell here," another said.

There was anger when a stuntman lost control of his motorcycle while filming a scene and smashed into the crystal window of a 330-year-old shop that had once served members of the Ottoman court at a nearby palace.

"The motorcycle scene didn't have to be shot on the roof of such an old and historical building," one merchant said. "I am sure it has caused major damage."

Grand Bazaar Tradesmen Association President Hasan Firat said all necessary precautionary measures had been taken and permission granted by the Council of Monuments, the Istanbul Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

"The movie will generate incalculable revenue for our country by advertising Turkey," he said.

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