Mila Kunis Celebrates USMC Birthday


A North Carolina Marine's fellow leathernecks say movie star Mila Kunis was the lucky one when she accompanied him to Saturday's Marine Corps birthday party.

The "Black Swan" starlet accepted an online invitation from Sgt. Scott Moore for his battalion's Greenville gala in honor of the Corps' 236th birthday.

There were plenty of cameras on hand to record Kunis' arrival, and some Marines said they were glad she could make it. "It's good that she got to come on a date with a Marine," Cpl. William Steffy told The Daily Reflector in Greenville, N.C.

No media were allowed into the festivities, but the Marines dutifully released plenty of pictures and sent a public affairs officer outside to brief reporters, WCNT-TV, Greenville, said. "They're celebrating all of our Marine Corps history as well as the accomplishments and sacrifices they make while overseas and celebrating the lives of the fallen Marines and sailors they lost while the were over there," said Capt. Scott Sasser.

Kunis' dress-blue evening is the latest celebrity invite made on YouTube or a social media site. Us Magazine said Justin Timberlake was also on the scene for this year's Marine birthday festivities. He accompanied Cpl. Kelsey De Santis to her Nov. 12 soiree in Richmond, Virginia.

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