Animated 'Popeye' Movie on its Way


An animated 3D movie based on the American comic strip and cartoon "Popeye" is in the works, Sony Pictures Animation and Arad Productions said Thursday.

Jay Scherick and David Ronn are to write the film. It will be the second project for Scherick and Ronn with Sony Pictures Animation following this summer's hit "The Smurfs."

"Scherick and Ronn have a remarkable talent in re-energizing beloved characters," Bob Osher, president of Sony Pictures Digital Productions, said in a statement. "As they demonstrated with 'The Smurfs,' they embrace the iconic characteristics of these timeless characters and craft a story that really engages moviegoers today."

"We're thrilled that Jay and Dave are helping us reintroduce Popeye to a new generation," Michelle Raimo Kouyate, president of production for Sony Pictures Animation, said. "Their take on the world of Popeye has just the right blend of comedy, adventure and heart -- all the elements that made a great animated film."

"Popeye has been my childhood favorite character," producer Avi Arad said. "To me, he was always the everyday man who gets special powers and actually becomes the first superhero in the best meaning of the word."

The last "Popeye" movie was released in 1980, with Robin Williams playing the titular sailor.

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