'Ghostwire: Tokyo' Is an Excellent Game Now Available on Xbox

"Ghostwire: Tokyo" delivers an incredibly well-realized version of Tokyo.
"Ghostwire: Tokyo" delivers an incredibly well-realized version of Tokyo. (Bethesda USA/TNS)

"Ghostwire: Tokyo" was one of my favorite games of 2022. When it landed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive in March, it delivered an incredibly well-realized version of Tokyo. It also delivered an original story and enough character progression to keep you interested deep into its action, while quietly reinventing exploratory first-person shooter gameplay.

One year later, it’s no longer a timed PlayStation exclusive, so it arrives on the Xbox Series X/S consoles. And despite some minor flaws, it’s still as good as ever, delivering the same immersive story — and then some. The release of the Xbox version of "Ghostwire" coincides with the release of "The Spider’s Thread," new DLC content that delivers even more gameplay, and a few new story beats to boot.

The end result is the most complete version of "Ghostwire," one that delivers a more complete tale than ever before. You play as Akito in an apocalyptic Japan, and Akito is no longer the only one in his body. A spirit, called KK, has taken up residence there too; KK serves as a guide for Akito, who is looking to reunite with his sister.

What follows is a tale that takes Akito through a fantastically realized version of Tokyo. Aside from enemies, you trek through a Tokyo that’s largely empty, but that takes nothing away from the detail and majesty Tango Gameworks designs into the city. It’s a city that’s brought to life that much more in part because of the constant rains; this allows for plenty of reflections and lighting effects.

The shadows and reflections on Xbox are slightly less impressive than they were on the PlayStation 5, although you have to be looking closely to truly notice this. By and large, the game looks solid on both consoles. So you get to enjoy "Ghostwire"’s version of Tokyo, in a unique adventure. "Ghostwire"’s gameplay, at its core, fuses shooter mechanics and spell-casting; Akito’s hand gestures pull off a variety of things, everything from firing projectiles to ripping the insides out of spirit enemies and consuming their essence.

Initially, this is a fun and novel gameplay mechanic, a different take on the shooter that energizes you. Sadly, the controls are a tad sluggish. Pulling the insides from your enemies can be a bit finicky, and at times, you’ll yearn for slightly faster shooter action.

Still, it’s solid enough, especially once you upgrade Akito, that you’ll enjoy "Spider’s Thread." The new DLC keeps things simple in terms of gameplay, blending roguelite mechanics with "Ghostwire"’s gameplay to create a rewarding, faster-paced experience. It delivers just enough story to infuse the mode with personality, too, while adding to the tale you already understand.

The end result is a strong game that’s worth playing on Xbox – especially if you have Game Pass. Microsoft continues to load Game Pass with terrific titles that drive value — and "Ghostwire: Tokyo" is one of its best offerings.



4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Xbox Series X

Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

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