'Wasteland 2' Delayed, December Date for Beta

Brian Fargo missed the ship date for his next video game. He also missed the date to release a version for fans to test. He thinks it will be worth the wait, and his investors seem to agree.

Fargo, who helped start Orange County's video game industry in the 1980s, was frustrated by demanding publishers who wouldn't support his ideas for new games. So he went directly to fans on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with the ideas for his next two projects. He got 61,290 people in March 2012 and 74,405 people in April 2013 to fork over a total of $7.1 million, far exceeding his initial goals and expanding the scope of the projects.

Are backers grabbing pitchforks upon hearing that Fargo's Newport Beach company, inXile entertainment, missed its original October ship date for "Wasteland 2," the first of those games? (He also told the Register he'd release a beta test that month, but now he says it'll be ready by mid-December.)

No. Instead of asking for refunds, backers on the project's Kickstarter page are clamoring for their promised copy of "Wasteland," the original 1980s game. And they seem willing to wait for a polished version of Fargo's sequel.

But could Fargo run out of money if he takes too long?

"We are nowhere near going too long to cause a problem," Fargo wrote in response to Register emails. "And depending on my continuing revenue streams, I could take quite a bit of time; Kickstarter is not my only source of income. It is critical that this game get completed correctly."

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