Players Jump Into Disney's New Infinity Game


ANAHEIM -- Players young and old took up video game controllers Sunday evening at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort to play for the first time Disney's much-anticipated Infinity gaming system.

Nintendo Wii U controllers in hand, players locked plastic figurines of Disney characters, such as Captain Jack Sparrow, onto a pad wired into the gaming consol and watched as virtual versions of the characters sprang to life on television screens.

"I liked the fact that you can just enter into the movie," said Jack Cummings, 21 of Anaheim. "It's what I always wanted to do as a kid, and now you can do it right here with this game."

Disney employees stood by and helped the players as they explored a character's world -- or a world of the player's own design -- for about 10 minutes during the promotional event.

"You just kind of jump in there, and it's anything you want it to be," said Zachary Reeves, a Disney Interactive Studios Inc., employee who demonstrated the gaming system and fielded users' questions during the event.

The Downtown Disney stop was the first on Disney's multicity "Summer of Endless Fun" tour to promote the entertainment giant's most ambitious gaming project to date.

The tour offers fans an opportunity to try out -- and preorder -- Disney Infinity before its Aug. 18 launch. Infinity works with a variety of game systems, including Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3, and the starter kit costs about $75.

Other players praised various aspects of the game. None said they were disappointed.

"I liked that you can jump and do whatever you want to do," said Alex Sypowicz, 8, of Eastvale, a suburb north of Corona.

For Karey Kusuhara, 54, of Northridge, the coolest part about the game was the freedom to create.

"To me the whole attraction is that you can keep adding and manipulating and putting your character in different situations," Kusuhara said.

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