Game Review: Fire Emblem: Awakening

(3DS, $40, Teen)

Nintendo's sumptuous strategy/RPG finally storms the 3DS, bringing gorgeous visuals, a compelling story and cut-throat, unforgiving turn-based battles.

You start by customizing your character's look and skill tendencies. Theyn you choose a difficulty level -- the toughest available at the outset proving too much to handle for a series veteran like myself -- and set off on a tale of swords and sorcery.

Your tactics and decisions have far-reaching implications, forging partnerships that provide lasting benefits on the battlefield. Your character can even marry and give birth to children who can eventually join your ranks.

StreetPass functionality allows players to swap items and use one another's characters in the game.

"Awakening" plays more to the core 3DS gamer than casual interlopers, giving those players a much-needed feast of defeat and rapture.

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