Dodge Charger Gets Role in New Sci-Fi Game & Show

Police officers in a cross-over television show/video game debuting in the United States in April will be driving Dodge Chargers.

But the Chargers in "Defiance" will be souped-up versions of those now on the road with armor and artillery, some of it adapted from invading aliens, The Detroit News reported.

The show/game is set in the city of Defiance, built on the ruins of St. Louis after some sort of global apocalypse. The sheriff hero is fighting off the aliens.

The game is scheduled to go live in early April while the show debuts April 15 on the Syfy channel.

"We wanted to be the first to do something entirely new," said Mark Malmstead, a Chrysler media manager. "We just loved the look and feel of this project, and it aligned perfectly with our demographic targets, who are young, predominantly male and educated. There's a lot of car chases and gunfights in the program."

Malmstead described the Charger as a "sexy muscle car" that is perfect for the show. But he said the company has no plans to market cars equipped with alien technology, armor and artillery to the general public.

"It'd be cool, but not likely," he said.

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