Game Review: Sniper Elite V2


Developer: Rebellion Studios

Publisher: 505 Games

System: Windows 7/Vista/XP (PS3, Xbox 360)

Price: $39.99

ESRB Rating: Mature

Review Rating: 3.5 stars

Modern military shooters are a dime a dozen, so, much like the brave souls who enlist, I applaud developers that don't take the easy way out! The aptly named Rebellion Studios has recently released a WWII-based shooter called "Sniper Elite V2." If the dated European setting isn't enough to call you to duty, the accurate ballistics and kill-cam surely will!

As a highly trained elite sniper in the Battle of Berlin during the closing days of WWII, players must balance eliminating Nazi soldiers while moving around in shadows if they want to survive. After being dropped behind enemy lines, it's up to players to save highly valued Nazi scientists from being taken by merciless Russian troops.

Since players are on their own, they must use stealth and make tactical decisions if they don't want to be constantly overwhelmed! Sure, you can just shoot everything in sight, but this game is meant to be played incognito. Features, such as occasional background noise to disguise sniper fire and tossing rocks to lure enemies away from your position, help promising snipers remain unseen.

Unlike most modern shooters, cyber-snipers can't just place their reticule over an enemy and shoot them dead. Instead they must take realistic factors like wind and bullet-drop into consideration and adjust their aim to compensate. Adjusting the options can diminish the realism, but why would anyone remove this game's most distinguishing features?

Speaking of which, I love the gruesome slow-motion X-ray view of bullets tearing through flesh and bone during kill shots. Too bad that enemy A.I. makes them seem like automatons before players are detected, but I guess that makes it easy to take them out with one shot.

Not everyone will enjoy playing "Sniper Elite V2," but it does offer a great alternative to the over-abundance of modern shooters on the market.

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