'Bad Piggies' is 'Angry Birds' Follow-Up

Rovio, the Finnish maker of "Angry Birds," has announced a follow-up starring the popular video game's villains, dubbing it "Bad Piggies."

The company's "Angry Birds" game has seen re-releases in different formats and extra level packs, but a game featuring the piggish bad guys of "Angry Birds' might not seem on obvious choice.

"We consider this the launch of a new franchise [rather than a sequel]." Rovio Vice President Petri Jarvileh told the business magazine Fast Company.

Game-play is of a different type, Rovio said; rather than destroy structures as in "Angry Birds," the goal in "Bad Piggies" is to create vehicles and tools to allow the pigs to reach the birds' eggs they're always after.

The game will be released Sept. 27 in a number of mobile formats and cost 99 cents, the same price as "Angry Birds" when it first came out, Digital Trends reported.

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