Game Review: Motorstorm RC


For: Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita

From: Evolution Studios/Sony

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Price: $10 on PS3, free on Vita for a limited time


If you ever imagined how amusing it might be to see "Motorstorm's" hulking off-road vehicles shrunk down to RC car form, just wait until you see one of them flip over and land haplessly on its plastic back. To an arguable fault - at least, if you come in expecting a normal racing game - "Motorstorm RC" takes the gimmick and runs wild with it.

The tracks - which "RC" displays from an overhead perspective a la "Super Off Road" or "R.C. Pro-Am" - are miniaturized, toy-car replicas of courses from all four previous "Motorstorm" games, and the vehicles' handling physics are appropriately light but (like an RC car) just a little bit stubborn in the handling department. "RC's" default controls mimic those of a remote control, with one stick (or R2 trigger on the PS3) handling the gas and brake while the other stick handles steering. You can customize these settings to use buttons if you wish. But if you want to beat your friends' ghost times and get gold medal scores across all 48 events - a mix of races, time trials, overtake challenges and drift competitions - you're advised to master the analog acceleration in order to tame that stubborn handling.

Drive these vehicles like they're regular video game cars, and you'll pay dearly and regularly. Outside of four-player splitscreen on the PS3 version, "RC" lacks any kind of head-to-head multiplayer component. But its terrific integration of friends' scores across all modes means you're constantly competing with them anyway. Your scores and progress sync across both versions if you own both, and while the Vita version is free for a limited time thanks to Toyota, buying either version gets you the other version for free when it returns to regular price. How cool is that?

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