Bar Installs Urine-Controlled Video Games


A London bar has installed a video game above its men's room urinals that the game's designer says is the world's first to be controlled by urine flow.

The Exhibit bar in the Balham neighborhood said the 12-inch screens feature games including simulated skiing, fire extinguishing and a trivia challenge, The Sun reported Monday.

All of the games, which were developed over three years by designer Gordon MacSween, are controlled by the player aiming his stream of urine.

The games give players codes at the end of rounds to allow them to enter their scores at online leader boards.

MacSween said the games have proved a boon for advertisers who have seen sales of their products rise since they were installed as well as helping the bar owners prevent damage to their bathrooms.

"Because people are having a laugh, there's a lot less vandalism -- people tend to get less angry," he said.

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