Critics: O'Reilly Lincoln Book Inaccurate


Critics claim Bill O'Reilly's new book about President Abraham Lincoln is inaccurate and sloppy with facts, even though the book is a best-seller.

"Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever," has been banned from the store at Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln was killed, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

Rae Emerson, deputy superintendent of Ford's Theatre National Historical Site, said the book is slim on documentation. She said a book must be "historically accurate ... [with] relevant citations," in order to be sold at the store.

"If the authors made mistakes in names, places and events, what else did they get wrong? How can the reader rely on anything that appears in 'Killing Lincoln?'" wrote historian Edward Steers Jr. in a book review in "North & South -- The Official Magazine of the Civil War Society."

Steers wrote O'Reilly -- a political commentator on Fox News -- and co-author Martin Dugard relied too heavily on secondary sources that are inaccurate.

"The authors have chosen to write a story based ...[on] a few dozen secondary books that range from excellent to positively dreadful ... [with] no vetting ... treating them as equal," Steers said.

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