Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 3 of 4

Result: Minor Confederate Victory

Longstreet's I Corps marches east and assaults Union positions south of Culp's Hill and along the east bank of Rock Creek. Union defenses on Cemetery Hill are strong but after two hours, Cemetery Hill falls to persistent attacks by Ewell's II Corps. Continued attacks south are met by withering fire from newly-prepared Union fortifications on nearby Cemetery Ridge to the southwest.

As Longstreet's attack continues further east, the Confederates capture the strategic Rock Creek Bridge after intense fighting, and also capture a long stretch of the Baltimore Pike -- the Union Army's main line of communication back to Washington, D.C. (Continued below map)

Union reinforcements and artillery pour into the area around Rock Creek Bridge and after still more heavy fighting, the Confederate advance is stalled. To relieve pressure on the Union right, Union forces push back rebel troops in the vicinity of the Peach Orchard.

Both sides have suffered enormous casualties. While the Union right flank has been pushed back strongly, there is still no danger of being encircled. As night falls, the final reinforcements of both armies continue to stream into the battlefield for the final, decisive day.