Gettysburg Battle Simulator

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The Last Day of Battle: Where Will You Make Your Final Attack?

It is early morning on July 3, 1863.

During the evening of July 2-3, the last, fresh division of the Army of North Virginia arrived under the command of General George Pickett (left). Other divisions of A. P. Hill's III Corps, which fought on the first day of battle, are reformed and rested and available for action.

Your army is tired and bloodied, but you have a final opportunity to make one more strong attack. You have two choices. Do you:

Choice #1: Attack the Union left near the Peach Orchard. The Union center is too well-defended with artillery and breastworks, and too easy for the Federals to reinforce. The Union may be most vulernable just east of the Round Tops on flat terrain and a successful attack could threaten to encircle the Northerners.

Choice #2: Attack the Union right south of Wolf Hill. The area near the Rock Creek Bridge has been pushed back, but another push may so weaken the Union position as to force their withdrawal, or even encircle them.

Choice #1:

Attack the Union left near the Peach Orchard.


Choice #2:

Attack the Union right flank south of Wolf Hill.