Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 3 of 4

Result: Significant Confederate Victory

Longstreet's I Corps marches further south than initially planned and begin their attack in the late afternoon. Responding more slowly than anticipated, Union forces stay in the positions they held earlier in the morning.

In an outcome mirroring the Battle of Chancellorsville just months before, the Confederate forces advance rapidly and "roll up" the Union flank. Big Round Top is quickly occupied and Little Round Top is taken after a brief but intense fight. (Continued below map)

Seeing the danger of complete envelopment, Union General Warren rapidly moves his V Corps into blocking positions north of the Taneytown Road. After fierce fighting rages in the flat farmland east of the Round Tops for hours, Union and Confederate forces stop in exhaustion as more numerous Union reinforcements join the line.

The Confederate assault in the south has been checked, but now the Union position is in an extremely tenuous position and is in danger of being surrounded.