Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 3 of 4

Result: Minor Confederate Defeat

Longstreet's I Corps marches and countermarches to avoid Union observation until finally, the attack begins in the afternoon. Union General Sickles' Corps is shattered in the Peach Orchard. Rebel troops stream eastward, capturing Big Round Top and then attempt to storm Little Round Top at the far left of the Union line.

In a heroic stand, troops of the Union's 20th Maine repulse repeated attacks by the Confederate 15th Alabama Regiment at Little Round top, stopping the attack and holding the Union line. Other Confederate assaults in the north near Cemetery and Culp's Hill fail to capture and hold any other Union positions. (Continued below map)

Both sides have suffered enormous casualties. The flanks of the Union army have held against repeated assaults but the fate of the battle is still not decided. As night falls, the final reinforcements of both armies continue to stream into the battlefield for the final, decisive day.