Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 2 of 4

Continue to Attack, or Probe and Regroup?

It is early evening on July 1, 1863.

Confederate forces have won a victory, driving Union forces from the field and onto the high ground south of Gettysburg. Both sides have suffered significant losses and units are very tired and scattered with stragglers in abundance. The day is getting late and within 3-4 hours night will have completely fallen.

Your division and Corps commanders are asking for re-supply and time to reform their regiments and brigades. Union forces are doing the same and fortifying the ridges and hilltops. Ewell's II Corps is just north of the Cemetery Hill, the key high ground in the area.

Choice #1: Clearly instruct Ewell to rally his exhausted and scattered regiments to attack the now-fortified Union positions on Cemetery Hill. Focus all energies on the attack instead of regrouping for tomorrow or probing for intelligence.

Choice #2: Exercise caution and allow your troops to rest and reform their regiments for assaults the next day. Send out patrols in the area to better assess Union positions and strengths, particularly their defenses on the hills.

Choice #1:

Order Ewell to focus all efforts to immediately assault and takeCemetery Hill.


Choice #2:

Order Ewell patrol, rest and regroup his Corps to make tomorrow's assaults more effective.