Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 2 of 4

Result: Minor Confederate Victory

General Ewell and his division commanders examine Cemetery Hill from afar and determine that Union forces have rallied and thrown up breastworks to defend the hill. While his troops are exhausted and bloodied, Ewell steels his courage and decides that an attack now is better than waiting for the Union to establish better defenses.

Personally leading elements of two divisions straight up Cememtery Hill, Ewell's II Corps takes serious casualties during the assault. Union forces inflict over three thousand more casualties but are themselves too fatigued and under-supplied to offer sustained resistance. After acquiting themselves well, they retreat south to a small rise where new fortifications are prepared. Exhuasted Confederate forces raise the Stars & Bars atop the conquered Cemetery Hill.

Confederate forces by this time are completely spent and with night falling rapidly, can no longer press the attack. With all energies bent on taking Cemetery Hill, Culp's Hill remains under Union control.