Navy Grad School Voucher Program

Megan Donnelly looks through a telescopic alidade while standing watch as the officer of the deck on the bridge of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). (U.S. Navy Photo)

The Graduate Education Voucher program (GEV) was established in order to provide increased opportunity and incentive for selected Unrestricted Line (URL) officers who wish to obtain a graduate degree during off-duty hours. 

GEV enables selected officers, with demonstrated superior performance and potential for future contributions to the Navy, to earn a Navy-relevant masters degree leading to an approved subspecialty while meeting other Navy needs. Applicants must agree to commit to a minimum of two years additional active-duty service if selected for the program.

Active duty URL Officers from O3 to O5 in designated billets are eligible. GEV has been designed to aid those officers who consistently demonstrate superior performance. GEV is limited to on-shore duty officers or to officers who are transferring to shore duty.

There are different quotas for different URLs and Naval communities. Currently there are openings for the surface, sub, aviation and SPECWAR/EOD communities. The quotas change annually. 

Once approved, participants may attend any accredited institution recognized by Department of Education. GEV will cover graduate costs, including tuition, books, and registration/application fees. GEV offers $40,000 per degree, with a maximum of $20,000 per fiscal year, and participants are allotted a maximum of 24 months to complete a degree program. Tuition Assistance can't be used with GEV.

GEV will only pay for distance learning courses that require 20% or less of the total attendance time in-classroom.

For more information see the Navy College Graduate Education Voucher website.

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