VA Claims and Appeals Process

The Appeals Process Overview

Was your recent VA disability compensation award not enough? Have you been denied VA education, pensions, or health care...

The VA Claims Appeals Process

The Appeals Process: Step 1

The 1st step in the appeal process is to file a written appeal with the local VA office or medical center that made the...

The Appeals Process: Step 3

You can represent yourself or you can choose to be represented by a Veteran's Service Organization or state's veterans...

The Appeals Process: Step 5

If you wish you can request a personal hearing, a meeting between you and a the official who will decide your case.

The Appeals Process: Step 6

The Board will notify you when it gets your appeal from the local VA office. When your turn arrives, your file will be...

The Appeals Process: Step 7

If you disagree with the Board's final ruling, you can appeal to the Court of Veterans Appeals for Veterans Claims within 120...

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