The Appeals Process Overview

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Was your recent VA disability compensation award simply not enough? Have you been denied VA education, pensions, or health care benefits.

Fortunately you do have recourse through the VA Appeals process. Veterans and other claimants for VA benefits have the right to appeal decisions made by a VA regional office or medical center. In fact it sometimes seems that appealing VA rulings is just part of the process.

A claimant has one year from the date of the notification of a VA decision to file an appeal. You may appeal a complete or partial denial of your claim or you may appeal the level (i.e. the amount) of benefit granted.

Getting Started With the Appeals Process

Your first step should be to do your homework and read the Appeals Frequently Asked Questions page, and review the Glossary of terms common to the appeals process. You can also read more about the Board of Veterans' Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims here.

If you decide that you have grounds for an appeal then we suggest your next step be to read our Appeals Process Checklist.

Check out our step-by-step process to filing an appeal here.

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