Medevacs | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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Five entertaining facts about medical evacuations.

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  1. 33731857
    33731857 Mar 04, 2015

    Very interesting and informative.

  2. 33643353
    33643353 Mar 04, 2015

    I didn´t know the impact the introduction of Medevacs had was that big. Let´s all hope that DARPA can complete its research on number 1 successsfully.

  3. CorregidorDZ
    CorregidorDZ Mar 07, 2015

    Almost all the Medevac missions during OIF and OEF where done by U.S. Army helo's and medical crews. Army Medevac's were used to support marines even though this lead to shortfalls in the Army ground combat units. The U.S. Navy normally supports marines with medical teams did not have the capability to do these long missions.

    ELDERLYREPTILE Mar 07, 2015

    I guess I might qualify as having been saved by a Dust-Off. In the early morning hours of 21 May 1968 Phu Bai Combat Base (northern I Corps, S. Vietnam)came under heavy and sustained mortar attack causing heavy casualties. I was one. By late afternoon the 95th EVAC was almost full to capacity. The Marines were catching hell. 95th EVAC was filling up fast to fly some of the less seriously . A LARGE group of us were taken to the Air Base for evacuation and herded 60-70? into a C-130. There were no seats. We took off at dusk. The plane would make two stops, 1st Tuy Hoa (EVAC Hosp.), 2nd Camh Rahn Bay. 10 minutes from Tuy Hoa the pilot informed us Camh Rahn was closed-Red Alert. Tuy Hoa was on Yellow Alert/ground attac and we'd all be getting off there. As the plane landed Tuy Hoa went on Red Alert. Informed by pilot he'd "somewhere" where we would all deplane. When the last guy left the plane it taxied off and disappeared. Pitch black, lights off. We were ordered to disperse. No one was armed! Worry time. I know one thought ran through every mind. If Sappers stumble upon us we are DEAD! Our salvation arrived in the form of Huey-Dust-Offs. They shuttled all of us to the EVAC. Safe!

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