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Wounded Warriors

Injured Soldier's Father Stays Strong

VIRGINIA BEACH -- It was the middle of the night when Richard Fitzgerald received an email from Afghanistan. From the bedroom of his Dam Neck home on June 24, Fitzgerald read what seemed like a light-hearted message from his son, Army Staff Sgt. Levi Eaves. The 28-year-old wrote about the 116 degree heat, stand-pressing 200 pounds, and looking... more

Navy Steering Wounded Toward Engineering Careers

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Sterling Hammett worked hard to become a Navy explosive ordnance disposal technician and had planned to serve a full 20 years in that role. That was before the 31-year-old returned from Iraq in 2011 with pain in his ankle that turned out to be a genetic bone defect. He soon found himself recovering from surgery at Portsmouth N... more

Wounded Soldier Skydives with Maine First Lady

Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills sky diving

Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills and his team from the 82nd Airborne were checking out reports of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan when one detonated underneath him. His right arm and leg disintegrated. His other leg dangled and his remaining wrist was shredded. Mills eventually lost all four limbs. These days, he's making it his missio... more

Young Amputee Veteran Gets Fresh Start in New Home

ST. PETERSBURG -- While others his age went to college parties or planned careers, Stephen Peterson was learning how to walk again after an explosion in Afghanistan took his right leg. Peterson was six months into his Army tour as part of Operation Enduring Freedom on July 1, 2011, when a bomb exploded beneath his vehicle and tore off his leg a... more

Wounded Warriors Visit Afghanistan One Last Time

The first time Cole Rich left Afghanistan, it was with a hole in his head. On his last visit, the retired sergeant major left with a smile on his face. In recent months, current and former Fort Bragg soldiers have been returning to Afghanistan to see the country one last time before the war's end. The soldiers, who were wounded in Afghanistan... more

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