Vietnam War

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To Our Marines: Thank You, and Semper Fi

Vietnam Memorial Wall

March 5, 2015 Sunday marks 50 years since the first brigade-strength U.S. Marine unit arrived in Vietnam. On March 8, 1965, around 5,000 Marines from the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade landed to defend the American air base at Da Nang. It’s an anniversary that will be met with little fanfare. However, the impact of that day and the years that... more

New Names Etched on Vietnam Wall

Preparing to cut another name into the black granite of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, engraver Jim Lee carefully positions a stencil and a sandblasting platform at a designated spot on the Washington, D.C., memorial. (Stars and Stripes)

WASHINGTON — Lined row upon row, the names etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial’s polished black granite slabs are a somber reminder that more than 58,000 U.S. troops died — or were listed as missing-in-action — as a result of their involvement in the Vietnam War.   Even though the war ended four decades ago, the list continues to grow as J... more

Vietnam POW Finds Humor in Horror

WARNER ROBINS -- Many heroes have passed through the doors of American Legion Post 172, but there hasn't been one quite like Bill Robinson. According to a recently published book about him, "The Longest Rescue," Robinson is the longest held enlisted prisoner of war in U.S. military history. He was held captive in North Vietnam from 1965 to 1973... more

Vietnam Sees Massive Public Mourning for War Hero

HANOI, Vietnam -- The death of wartime Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap has triggered public mourning in Vietnam the likes of which have been unseen since Ho Chi Minh passed away more than four decades ago. And given the current leaders, it may not be witnessed again, according to many of the 150,000 people who lined up to pay respects to the so-called "Red ... more

Vietnam Wall Listing Sought for Troops in Crash

Vietnam Veterans Memorial 600x400

Before departing for Vietnam 51 years ago, Army Sgt. 1st Class Raymond “Bill” Myers left behind his ID, dog tags and a gold ring he had never taken off before. He told his brother-in-law that he had a bad feeling about the mission and didn’t think he would be coming home. He asked him to watch over his wife and children after he was gone.   My... more

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