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The Top Keywords Recruiters Use to Find You

Just as you use keywords to search for jobs on Monster, recruiters and hiring managers use them to identify qualified candidates in the Monster resume database who match their available positions.

Knowing which keywords appear most frequently in recruiters' searches can help you use the right words and terms in your resume. But remember: While it makes sense to use these keywords in your resume if they pertain to you, littering your resume with irrelevant words can backfire.

"For the astute recruiter, it's going to come across as spam," says Felix Heimberg, a Dallas-based recruiter. "We become very good at spotting something that looks contrived."

One Hundred Most Popular Keywords

What do recruiters and hiring managers search for? Here is a list of the top 100 resume keyword search phrases used by recruiters and hiring managers on Monster for a representative three month period:

  1. Sales
  2. Recruiter
  3. Administrative assistant
  4. Accountant
  5. Receptionist
  6. CPA
  7. Customer service
  8. Accounting
  9. Java
  10. Mortgage
  11. Manager
  12. Executive Assistant
  13. Human Resources
  14. Pharmacist
  15. Accounts Payable
  16. Insurance
  17. Payroll
  18. Staff accountant
  19. "Administrative assistant"
  20. Physical therapist
  21. Outside sales
  22. SAP
  23. "business analyst"
  24. Collections
  25. Audit
  26. Engineer
  27. Controller
  28. Financial analyst
  29. Project manager
  30. Marketing
  31. C#
  32. .net
  33. "Project manager"
  34. J2EE
  35. "Administrative
  36. Oracle
  37. Construction
  38. Warehouse
  39. Inside sales
  40. Business analyst
  41. Paralegal
  42. RN
  43. "Financial analyst"
  44. Data entry
  45. Nurse
  46. Peoplesoft
  47. Restaurant Manager
  48. Loan officer
  49. Staffing
  50. "executive assistant"
  51. Retail
  52. Legal secretary
  53. "Customer service"
  54. Call center
  55. "Outside sales"
  56. Bookkeeper
  57. "Inside Sales"
  58. Auditor
  59. Autocad
  60. Tax
  61. Registered Nurse
  62. Buyer
  63. "C
  64. Spanish
  65. Japanese
  66. Underwriter
  67. "sales"
  68. Account executive
  69. "Technical writer"
  70. Medical
  71. Cnc
  72. Finance
  73. "Staff accountant"
  74. Civil engineer
  75. Telemarketing
  76. Accounts receivable
  77. Senior accountant
  78. Manufacturing
  79. Sql
  80. Unix
  81. Architect
  82. HVAC
  83. Help desk
  84. Oracle DBA
  85. Clerical
  86. Purchasing
  87. Bilingual
  88. "help desk"
  89. Analyst
  90. "accounts payable"
  91. "Technical writer"
  92. Pharmaceutical
  93. Loan processor
  94. Occupational therapist
  95. Qa
  96. Pharmaceutical sales
  97. Real Estate
  98. Maintenance
  99. "Human Resources"
  100. Entry Level

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