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Upcoming Military and Veteran Job Fairs

Attending a job fair is a proactive way of getting to know companies or industries you're interested in. It's also a great way to make contacts. If you hear about a veteran job fair that's not on this list, let us know by emailing us at <!-- // var first = 'ma'; var second = 'il'; var third = 'to:'; var address = 'jobfairs'; var domain = 'military-inc'; var ext = 'com'; document.write('<a hr'); document.write('ef="'); doc... more

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Top 10 Least Lucrative College Majors

It's generally possible to change college majors, but once you graduate with one, you're stuck with the degree. If you're transferring soon or have recently left the military, think carefully about which career fields you'd like to enter. There are many different reasons to pick one field or another, but for many income is a major concern. Check out the top 10 least lucrative college majors, inspired by WUSA 9. While each leads to respec... more

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What To Do: First Months of a Job Search

When you entered the service, you knew a day would come when you would face a civilian job search. Or, perhaps you imagined retiring after your military duties and living off your retirement, but now you are separating from service and need to get a job. When facing a job search, the first months are critical to starting your new career most effectively. For any job seeker facing unemployment, feelings of frustration, disappointment, fea... more

Employers Seeking Military Experience (N-Z)

<!-- .company p { padding-bottom:14px; } --> The following employers are actively seeking veterans and those with military experience. For a complete listing of an organization's available job opportunities, click on the link below their name or use's Veteran Job Search. Nominate an employer: Add your organization to this list. View A-M NACON Consulting More info Nash Finch Company More info N... more

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Job Search Blues

Felicia, an Air Force wife and veteran, knows a few things about the tough job market. She and her husband, Sal, have lived it. Sal retired in 2013 after 20-plus years in a specialized and skilled military career field. He was ready for the next adventure, but he didn't know that adventure would be a job search. For a year and a half, he slogged through employment websites, job fairs and unresponsive potential employers. And that doesn't count... more

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