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Six High Paying Jobs Not Usually Considered

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Navigating a tough economy isn’t easy, but picking a career path and sticking to it can provide enough focus and drive to mitigate the difficulties. If you’re primarily concerned with financial stability, then check out six high paying jobs not usually considered, inspired by Yahoo! and formatted for you below. 1. Management Consultant – If you know how to take a team of employees and work them into top shape, then  consider becoming a ma... more

Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs

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Some of the best jobs out there require many years of education and training. If you're worried about your chosen field shrinking by the time you're ready, consider some of the fastest growing jobs out there. These fields are experiencing an increasing need for qualified professionals and aren't showing signs of slowing down. Take a look at some of the fastest growing jobs between 2012 and 2022 from CNN Money's list of the top 10 fastest... more

Upcoming Military and Veteran Job Fairs

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Attending a job fair is a proactive way of getting to know companies or industries you're interested in. It's also a great way to make contacts. If you hear about a veteran job fair that's not on this list, let us know by emailing us at more

5 Reasons Why Employers Are Not Hiring Vets

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Why are many Vets still unemployed? The Center for a New American Security conducted interviews with 87 individuals from 69 companies to find out why from an employer perspective. Keep these factors in your hip pocket while you search for jobs! 1. Skills Translation Unless you're applying for a defense contracting job, you have to translate your military skills into civilian terms. Civilians don't understand your acronyms, MOS, or military t... more

Best Veteran Employers: A Top-35 List

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What makes an employer a top veteran employer? Depending on who you ask and what factors you use, you'll get a bunch of different answers.  Below is one list, the "35 Most Valuable Employers for Military," compiled by Civilian Job News. They took a look at a variety of companies both large and small in multiple industries. Included with each listing below are links to more information about veteran hiring, as well as current ... more

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