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3 Ways to Gather Intel for Your New Civilian Job


You are preparing to enter the civilian world, are thinking about applying for a job, or just got a job offer. Congratulations, you are in for an exciting journey! But before jumping in all gung ho, you would do yourself a great disservice if you didn't do your research. Gather Intel on the Companies You Are Considering When looking for information on your prospective employer, consider the following methods and resources: Glassd... more

What Kind of Resume Do You Need?


Question: I’m getting ready to separate from the Navy and was told I needed a “functional resume.” What is that, and is that what employers want to see? Answer: It’s important to recognize what a resume does -- it highlights your past experiences and accomplishments, lists your certifications, awards and credentials, and gives the reader an idea of your qualifications for a specific position. The resume is a tool to get you an interview... more

The Ingredients for a Powerful Online Profile

Social Networking

Social networking follows many of the same principles as in-person networking: Our goal is to be seen as authentic, interesting, approachable, relevant, and engaging. Being visible, findable and active on social networking platforms is about more than setting up a profile and waiting for the phone to ring. A powerful online profile requires thought, focus and maintenance to remain useful. Your social networking profiles should reflect ... more

Considering an Entry Level Job? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First


Q: I separated from the Army 18 months ago and I believe I have many useful and valuable skills, but the only positions I get interviews for are entry-level. Is that the best I can hope for as I leave the military? A: In your question, "Is that the best I can hope for…?" you imply that taking an entry-level job would mean settling, selling out, or doing less than you are capable of. It is not uncommon for someone coming out of the milita... more

Yes, You Need a Business Card


The day you decide to retire or separate is the day you should order business cards.  When you transition from a military to civilian career, you will build a career strategy, network, create your messaging, and prepare your marketing tools. A business card is a vital tool in your transition, which you should have on Day One of your transition. A business card shares an important first impression of you: What you stand for, how you repr... more

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