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Employers Seeking Military Experience (A-M)

<!-- .company p { padding-bottom:23px; } --> The following employers are actively seeking veterans and those with military experience. For a complete listing of an organization's available job opportunities, click on the link below their name or use's Veteran Job Search. Nominate an employer: Add your organization to this list. More Veteran Employers: N-Z 24 Hour Fitness More info 84 Lumber Co... more

7 Steps Towards Finding Civilian Employment

Professionals holding a meeting.

How do you plan on finding employment in the civilian world? Don't know, don't care? With the current realities of the job market, a blasé attitude won't get you very far. Unless you're immensely well-connected, you'll have to do a lot of leg-work to find stability in civilian life. Although the process might seem chaotic and unnerving, there are some very simple, easy steps every veteran can take to find success as a civilian. Inspired b... more

Top 10 Companies for Telecommuting Jobs

Professional using a computer.

Changes in technology and culture have paved the way for a rise in telecommuting jobs. That is, jobs that allow you to work from home full-time. Many companies understand the benefit of employing professionals from around the country, and op for remote work instead of dealing with the cost and headache of moving someone across the country. Some employers provide telecommuting jobs out of necessity, while others simply want the best quali... more

Top Vet-Friendly Employers: Evan Guzman and Verizon Take the Lead

Evan Guzman

My job is to help organizations become more veteran friendly. This could involve helping them start from scratch, or augmenting a program that's existed for months or years. Many factors come into play from onboarding, to marketing, to training, to proper sourcing and retention techniques – the list goes on. With all that in mind, there are some programs out there that are true rockstars in the vet hiring space. When I reached out to Eva... more

The Top 10 Paying Jobs in the US

Doctor greets a patient with a handshake.

What are the highest paying jobs in the U.S., based on median annual salaries? We checked with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to get the lowdown, and the top ten occupations are listed below. Some of the jobs aren't unexpected, but some may surprise you -- as it turns out, CEOs aren't #1 on the list. See the full details on each job in the list below, and get the skinny on what it takes to qualify for the job. 10. Lawyer Lawyers (also k... more

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