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Translating Your Military Skills to Civilian Employment

Army mechanic jacking vehicle.

There are several skills that military members learn while they are in service, and these are valuable skills. However, once the member gets out of the military and is faced with civilian employment, they may feel as though they are starting back over in the world of employment. Oftentimes, vets feel that the skills that have mastered in the military are not transferable to civilian employment. However, this is simply not true. The skills that... more

The DD 214: Vital to the Job Market

The Silver Star Medal, the nation's third highest award for combat valor. DoD photo

For military members who have been retired or separated from the branch of service they joined, one of the most vital pieces of paper that they will ever get is the DD214 form. This form is going to be a necessity when entering in the civilian job market, therefore, cherish this paper and ensure that it is always safe. What is the DD 214? The DD 214 or Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, is the paper that all veterans recei... more

Leveraging the Best of Your Military Service

Woman at laptop

It doesn't matter whether you were infantry or intelligence, your military career can and should be a springboard for launching into an amazing career in the civilian sector. There are many organizations who hire Veterans as they feel it is their way of giving back to those who served. However, most organizations love hiring Veterans because they understand the product they are purchasing. The average Veteran has advanced skills in discipline,... more

Let Your Military Experience Help with Landing the Job

Business meeting between a team of professionals.

The one fear that many military members have once they get out of service and become veterans, is finding a job in the civilian world. Many of these veterans feel as though they are in no way appealing to civilian employers, and that they are way behind on everything that other people are bringing to the job they may wish to have. However, that is not true. Employers are excited to work with veterans, as they find that veterans often bring a s... more

Finding Military Friendly Employers

Interview handshake

For military members who exit the military, whether this is a forced retirement or discharge or out of their own free will, getting into civilian employment can be a struggle. Not only may it be hard to find a job in the area they reside, but they may be having trouble getting a company to hire them due to not having any other work experience besides the military. The good news is that many companies are looking to those who were once in the m... more

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