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Creative Transitions: Military Veterans in Creative Careers Podcast

Military Veterans in Creative Careers Podcast

The Military Veterans in Creative Careers podcast works to help veterans turn their creative passions into careers by interviewing veterans who have become directors, producers, actors, game developers, writers, and more. Are you a veteran who has considered writing? Maybe you heard about that Gunnery Sergeant who was an extra in some war movie, and you want to see what that's like? If these or any other creative path sounds interesting ... more

Top 10 Places to Work Remotely


Some veterans leave the military wanting to simply settle into a regular life, while others have tasted the life of moving around and exploring the world, and they want more. It's with this latter group in mind that we look at a recent CNN article that highlights the most popular places to work remotely. Information that went into these rankings included how much English is spoken, safety, Wi-Fi, and monthly cost of living. If you're t... more

6 Transition Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Getting Out Of The Military

Marine formation

This article originally appeared on Task & Purpose, a digital news and culture publication dedicated to military and veterans issues. As you prepare to get out of the military, don’t make these mistakes. There are some days you never forget — the day you turn 21, your wedding, and the birth of a child. But for those of us in the veteran community, those days also include your expiration of term of service day. In 2010, burned out and ready ... more

Lies They Tell Transitioning Vets: Senior Officer Transitions Easier

Naval officers

This series entitled “Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans” first appeared on the RecruitMilitary website and was contributed by Peter A. Gudmundsson, a former U.S. Marine artillery officer and the CEO of RecruitMilitary, a leading provider of veteran hiring solutions. As we have explored previously, veterans are similar to all groups of job seekers in that they often think they have it harder than everyone else. But even among veterans them... more

A Growing Number of State Programs Benefit Veteran Entrepreneurs


A growing number of states are encouraging entrepreneurship among veterans by either waiving or steeply discounting fees for new business incorporation and annual report filing -- a move that can save veterans hundreds of dollars or more. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), veterans make up 1 out of every 10 small business owners across the country. Along with having put their lives on the line to protect our coun... more

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