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Your Veteran Resume Doesn't Entitle You to a Job


Being a veteran is a not a get out of jail free card from unemployment – veterans don't inherently deserve a new civilian position once they leave the military. Part of what makes a vet a vet is an engrained sense of accountability and initiative, even in the career hunt. Entitlement is not a core value. I considered it a true privilege when I had the opportunity to discuss career progression with a retired Air Force 06. We met once at a... more

You Can't Fake Being "Veteran-Friendly"

Business meeting between a team of professionals.

Happy post-Memorial Day. Thank you for honoring your country, respecting veterans, and returning from the holiday with a decision to take a vested interest in adjusting your company's environment to be "vet-strong." Now get over yourself and figure out what that really means. It's no secret that most companies in the U.S. want to be known as being veteran friendly. After days like Memorial Day, HR and leadership teams experience a buzz o... more

10 Ways Your Body Language Can Send the Wrong Message

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In the military, body language sends definitive messages of respect, authority, rank, and compliance. In the civilian world, the subtleties of body language account for much of how information is communicated (or miscommunicated!). Studies have shown that non-verbal communication (body language, tone, and posturing) accounts for a huge part of how information is received. For instance, if a mother reprimands her toddler and smiles or gi... more

Asking for Career Help is Not a Sign of Weakness

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I despise asking for help. I hate feeling weak. I refuse to feel vulnerable. If avoidable, I do not ever want to owe anybody anything. I prefer to take care of things myself, and I certainly don't need to pay for any service to improve me when I am already well-equipped. These are all thoughts that I and many other service members and veterans tend to have. Service members work in an environment that fosters leaders – they simply... more

Famous Veterans: Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood director

On a trip home to Seattle to visit his parents and girlfriend, Eastwood caught a ride aboard a Navy plane at Moffett Field. On the ride back aboard a Navy torpedo bomber, the plane developed engine trouble and was forced to make a water landing off San Francisco. Eastwood was forced to swim over a mile through the tide to shore. It was while on duty at Ft. Ord that Eastwood met fellow soldiers and actors Martin Milner ("Route 66"), David J... more

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