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12 Things You Are Doing to Hurt Your Job Search

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Navigating through the fear and fog of a military-to-civilian transition is not something most veterans are prepared for. Despite the best intentions of the Transition GPS programs, most fall short of adequately preparing our military with the tools and insights needed to compete effectively post-service. Whether you transitioned recently or ten years ago, a job search requires careful planning and strategy.  For the past five years, I h... more

Famous Veteran: Charlton Heston

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Famous Veteran: Charlton Heston "You can take my rifle ... when you pry it from my cold dead hands!" Born John Charles Carter, Charlton Heston's childhood was spent mostly in wooded areas where he could act in private. His home life was stable until he turned 10, at which point his parents divorced. His mother's new husband found work in Michigan so the family moved, but they eventually made their way back to Illinois in time for Heston ... more

Wall Between Civilians, Vets Biggest Obstacle to Employment


Yet even with motivated employers, there are sometimes problems getting up to speed with a new military hiree due to differences between military culture and civilian culture "There is a fear of asking the wrong question [about the military]," Casey said. "So people ask nothing." That leads to awkward moments at work. Casey offered the example of the manager who was worried that his new veteran employee might have PTSD because the ... more

Business Training for Troops Impacted by Cuts

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In the military, service members put service above self, which can result in veterans having a hard time learning to make themselves stand out from other job applicants when transitioning to the private sector. It's a challenge Derek Blumke, who  has transitioned from Airman to student to executive and back again, knows well. Now Blumke is using the leadership skills he learned in the Air Force as the Vice President of Veterans and Mil... more

10 Most Endangered Jobs in 2014

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When transitioning out of the military, it's important to think about your future career options. Some people choose jobs they're passionate about, some choose a career with high earning potential, and some take whatever they can get. If you're completely unsure about what to pick, think about careers with staying power. You might not have considered it, but there are a lot of industries around that are prone to going away, and taking eve... more

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