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Tips for Resumes that Get Noticed


In a civilian job interview, your goal is to make yourself interesting to the interviewer, to set yourself apart from the competition, and make the hiring manager feel, "This candidate is a great fit for our company!" To give yourself the best chance for success, your resume should follow these strategies: 1. Start with the WHY The most common mistake job candidates make on resumes is listing the what, how and where of their background ... more

DOD SkilBridge Offers Free Transition Training


When leaving the military, you should be considering what sort of story your resume tells, and how that can get you the job you want. One way to do this is to revise the resume so that it has less acronyms,  and makes it easier for hiring managers or recruiters to see what you have done, and why you are a good fit for their company. The Military Skills Translator at can be a huge help here. Another way is to add more releva... more

Top 10 Worst Jobs in 2016


In a recent article, I saw that the military was listed as number 5 on the "Top 10 Worst Jobs of 2016." While this may not surprise some of you, I look back fondly on my last couple of years in, when I was enjoying my time as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, and receiving BAH. Of course, if you only looked at my first year or two in, I would rank the experience as probably the worst job, so it's relative. It's also worth n... more

Five Things to Help Recruit Veterans to Your Business

Army engineers at job fair

Nearly 250,000 servicemembers transition out of the armed services every year. And, this talented pool of job seekers looks for military-friendly companies that will put their hard-earned skills to good use. Veterans have much to offer the civilian workforce — many are educated, disciplined, professional, self-starters, detail oriented and have a very strong work ethic. It only makes sense for companies to tout themselves as military friendly... more

The Writer's Guild and Aspiring Veteran Writers


A veteran recounts his experience with the WGF's Veterans Writing Project.  The Writers Guild Foundation (WGF), which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, has sponsored the Veterans Writing Project for the past seven years. The free program for veterans starts with a weekend of learning and networking, and is followed by an optional 12 months of meetings and more. The benefits will potentially last for a lifetime. The weekend began wit... more

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