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Veteran Physical Fitness in the Civilian Workplace

Lifting weights in a group

If you have just exited the military, then you have just emerged from a world where physical fitness was just part of the job.  In fact, not only was it an expectation that you would be physically fit, but it was often literally part of the job as your entire workgroup regularly set out for organized group exercise.  But now you are out and it is highly unlikely that your new cubicle job as a salesman will result in a 5 mile formation run ... more

Utilizing Government Sources to Seek Civilian Jobs

Professionals holding a meeting.

While many veterans feel blindsided when they try to enter into civilian employment, they are going to find that there are numerous tools out there for their use to find these jobs. In fact, many sources are devoted to veterans only, and the aim of these sources is to find a civilian job that is going to closely relate to what the person did while he or she was active military. Why Use Government Sources? Many veterans may feel as thou... more

Women in Charge: 3 Female Veterans Who Excelled in the Business World

Business meeting.

Veterans have a leg up in the business world thanks to countless qualities mastered during service, including leadership skills, risk assessment abilities, discipline, commitment and focus – just to name a few. Female veterans are no exception, and many women who have established great military careers have gone on to excel as entrepreneurs and CEOs. Keep reading to learn about how three female veterans transitioned from successful military se... more

Medics Bring Their Military Experience to New Orleans

New Orleans EMS

Veterans are applying their military training to communities that have a history of violent—often deadly—crime. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Scott Higgins had just finished training to be a paramedic in the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. So the Army sent him to help people in New Orleans for two weeks. Eventually Higgins was assigned to Iraq, where for 13 months he worked as a paramedic. He frequently treated gunsh... more

Pride and Humility: Transitioning out of the Warfighter Elite

Airmen transition to businessmen.

Most will never forget the moment they earned the right to wear the uniform.  Hollywood mimics it, children look up to it, and this nation celebrates those in uniform.  The past 13 years of war haven given new meaning to military service as the modern generation of warfighters have been able to write their own chapter in America's history.  But wars end, bodies get older, and eventually the uniform must come off for the last time.  For mo... more

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