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Five High-Paying Jobs for Veterans

Tricare users can book appointments and check lab results through Tricare’s online system. (Flickr user Christopher Steven/Creative Commons)

Transitioning out of the military comes with a host of difficulties, not the least of which is finding employment. Although veterans currently experience higher rates of unemployment than civilians, there are plenty of industries where veterans are flourishing. CNN recently collected five high-paying jobs where former service members are doing just that. These positions usually require about a decade or more of experience, but each one fe... more

Transitioning Home: What Will be Your Legacy?

Military Transition

Sergeant Walt Ehlers was well known for his heroic actions on D-Day for which he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. What he was much less known for was his continued service as a Department of Veterans Affairs employee and veteran benefits advocate. A close friend of Mr. Ehlers once told me a story that I found more unbelievable than his self-less actions in Normandy. In 1964, the White House was planning to host a memorial ... more

Top 10 Best Jobs in 2015

The nursing field has gotten ever tighter, meaning higher-level degrees are helpful in getting jobs.

There are many paths to success in the civilian world, but choosing the right one for you may be difficult. If you're feeling lost about career options, take a look at some of the top 10 best jobs in 2015. CNN composed a list of 100 candidates which we've whittled down for you below. These jobs all feature high salaries and high job satisfaction, but CNN composed the initial 100 by gauging other factors including job growth, stress, difficu... more

Famous Veteran: Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

"Live long and prosper": that was the catchphrase for Mr. Spock from the classic sci-fi show Star Trek, and the legendary actor who played him, Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy certainly lived long and prospered before passing away on the morning of February 27, 2015 at the age of 83. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to two Jewish immigrants from Soviet-era Ukraine. His father Max Nimoy was a very popular neighborhood barber. His two sons were fair... more

The Basics of Job Hunting and Personal Finance


During recent discussions with several recruiting and human resources professionals, I was reminded of some of the most important elements of a successful career transition strategy, including: The need for flexibility.  While the economy added an average of 246,000 jobs per month in 2014, there are still at least 17 million people actively looking for a job today.  Accordingly, it's important to have some flexibility on location... more

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