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Top 8 Resume Items Recruiters Notice Immediately


The military taught you their way of doing everything from making your bed to doing your job. The civilian world also has its rules and regulations, but there's no basic training to teach you how to be a civilian employee, and the rules aren't always clear. Resumes are especially precarious; even most civilians have a difficult time understanding how to write them well and catch the eye of hiring managers. While you should be as much rese... more

Enabling Veteran Entrepreneurs: The Jonas Project

Teri Kelsall, The Jonas Project

Teri Kelsall, The Jonas Project 2015 L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honoree Veterans face an array of challenges during and after transitioning out of the military. The job market is currently one of the least welcoming to millennials, and veterans experience a higher rate of unemployment than civilians. However, while there are many industries that welcome veterans with open arms, sometimes the best path towards stability in then civil... more

Unleash Their Potential

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The Center for Talent Innovation released a ground-breaking study on veterans' performance in the workforce. The findings highlighted a problem that veterans have known about individually and quietly for years, yet have spoken little about. Over the past decade, as America has struggled to help returning veterans to acclimate into the civilian workforce, hundreds and thousands of veteran hiring initiatives sprung up. Unfortunately, CTI's... more

3 Ways Social Media can Help Vets Make the Civilian Transition

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During a recent briefing with transitioning airmen, I asked participants to tell me what their biggest fears were. They responded: positioning themselves for civilian employment and using social media. From my point of view, these go hand in hand—mastering the latter can help you achieve the former. It's true that veterans tend to be at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to positioning themselves for the civilian workplace. Your commitm... more

Military Veterans: 5 Secrets to Help You Transition to a Civilian Job

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You're leaving the military and you've got your marching orders: Find a job in the civilian workforce.  Get ready for a tough mission. While the employment situation for vets has improved over recent years, it's still harder out there for you than it is for your non-military peers. According to the Monster/ Veteran's Talent Index, post 9-11 veterans had an unemployment rate of 6.9% in April 2015 vs the non-veteran rate of 4.9%. ... more

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