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Solar Ready Vets program to begin first class at Hill AFB

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HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (AFNS) -- The Solar Ready Vets program announced by President Barack Obama during a visit to Hill Air Force Base in April 2015 will begin training the first class of 24 veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. The training, which begins Feb. 1, is being provided by Salt Lake Community College in partn... more

What's My Sense of Purpose?

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A veteran I'll call Bob has a good job as a branch manager of a successful company and a loving wife and children. Yet when we met 15 months ago through the ACP website, he was struggling with personal issues related to transitioning out of the Army. Bob recently recalled my assurance then that civilian jobs serve a purpose when he wrote, "... more

Interview Tips: Asking Questions

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Question: In a Technical/Computer interview, what are the best questions to ask? I know salary and benefits are taboo. Answer: Hello Mark, You will be able to adapt this advice to your technical/computer interviews. At some point, usually at the conclusion of the interview, you may be asked, "Do you have any questions?"  A common... more

7 Rules for a Successful Interview

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#1 – Make a Great First Impression First impressions are critical to a successful job interview, and most employers know if you're a good fit within the first several minutes of meeting. Important elements of a first impression include your attire, smile, handshake, eye contact, posture, attitude, communication style, and introduction or e... more

Six Personality Traits of a Leader

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There are dozens of personal traits that can affect leadership and some, namely integrity and character, that are absolute. But in many years of experience, I have observed that the way leaders develop and deploy the eight know-hows is influenced by a handful of them: ambition, drive and tenacity, self-confidence, psychological openness, realism... more

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