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12 Steps to Job Fair Success

Interview handshake

Picture this: Gathered together at a central location are two distinct groups of people. On one side of the curtain are dozens of job seekers. On the other side are representatives of organizations with hundreds of jobs to fill. The job seekers are there because a large group of hungry employers are in attendance and the recruiters are there... more

Interviewer Mind Vision Goggles

hands during interview

The job interview is over. You leave the room and put on a pair of Interviewer Mind Vision Goggles (IMVGs) -- special goggles that allow you to see inside the mind of the interviewer, specifically the vision you created there during the interview. What do you see? A blank screen. An indistinct, fuzzy picture; might be you, ma... more

Ten Job Hunt Resolutions for the New Year

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A frequent topic of conversation in the month of January every year is the New Year’s resolution. You know the drill. Loose weight. Get in shape. Clean out the closets. Eat healthy foods. Be a better friend. Pay down debt. Quit smoking. Find a hobby. Read more. De-clutter. Unplug. Organize the garage. Keep a journal. Although 45 percent of Ameri... more

Your Geographic ABCs

WOW: Words Of Wisdom from your Career Coach Military personnel have a reputation for being flexible. Companies that hire veterans will frequently mention this flexibility among their reasons for targeting that demographic. Included in this label is geographic flexibility. Most military personnel change assignments every two or three years. ... more

Military Camaraderie in the Civilian World?

soldiers in competition

Several years ago one of my clients asked me if he should expect the same level of camaraderie in a civilian job as he had in the military. My answer was no, and yes. There is nothing in the civilian workforce that can approximate the bonding that occurs in the wardroom, ready room, or foxhole. Military personnel in those environments put up wi... more

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