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Top 10 Places to Work Remotely


Some veterans leave the military wanting to simply settle into a regular life, while others have tasted the life of moving around and exploring the world, and they want more.

It's with this latter group in mind that we look at a recent CNN article that highlights the most popular places to work remotely. Information that went into these rankings included how much English is spoken, safety, Wi-Fi, and monthly cost of living. If you're the type of person that can work for themselves or find a job that lets you work and live wherever you want (what the article calls a "digital nomad"), and would love living in an amazing city, read on.

The Most Popular Cities for the Digital Nomad

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Anyone who has traveled to Thailand knows the appeal of living there, especially in Chiang Mai, which is less chaotic than Bangkok. For a city with amazing food at a reasonable price, incredibly nice people, and apparently stable Wi-Fi, this is a great place to live and work remotely. Take some motorcycles around for a day, enjoy an amazing fruit smoothie and huge plate of Pad Thai, and go see some elephants -- you don't get that kind of break from the job in every city!

Digital nomad Johnny Jen is quoted in the article as saying the city has warm weather and a great coffee scene. He further said it has all the comforts of a big city, with a laid back vibe. If you're looking to party though, you may want to move on to number 2, because Chiang Mai ranked relatively poor for nightlife.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $963

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2. Bangkok, Thailand: As stated above, Bangkok has a much more vibrant nightlife than Chiang Mai, and many cities for that matter. Be careful that you don't let the distractions take you away from getting the job done! That said, Bangkok has everything you could want from a big city, including great food, bags of Thai iced tea (yes, they serve it in bags at the market), and it's reasonably priced.

Downsides include traffic, air quality, and the intense heat.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $1,439

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3. London, UK: While certainly not as inexpensive as the first two, London boasts an increasingly sophisticated start-up scene and a lively nightlife. 

Downsides include the weather, air quality, and living expenses. There's also the fallout of the UK's decision to leave the EU, though we have yet to see what that will really mean.
Monthly estimated living expenses: $3,264

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4. Berlin, Germany: If you want to live in Western Europe for a bit less than London, Berlin might be the place for you. The city also has a start-up crowd, though younger, and it's a fairly safe city.

Downsides include a lack of great central heating and air conditioning.

Monthly estimated costs: $2,323

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5. San Francisco, USA: This is a great place to live and work, if you can afford it. A one-bedroom apartment here averages $3,590, and transportation, while convenient, isn't cheap either. However, the food is amazing, the people are eccentric (which can be fun), and the nightlife is certainly fun, if not overwhelming. As you would expect of a city near Silicon Valley, Wi-Fi is very accessible in the city.

Downsides include cost of living.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $4,523

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6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: This is another city where start-ups are popping up, along with innovative co-working spaces. The nightlife is nothing to scoff at, and the air quality and friendliness both ranked well in Amsterdam. That said, living costs around the same as living in London.

Downsides include cost of living.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $3,628

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7. Prague, Czech Republic: The pictures of Prague look stunning, and the city is known for its majestic architecture and historic streets. It ranked well for nightlife and cost of living, as well as friendliness toward women.

Downsides include air quality, racial tolerance, and a relative lack of English-speaking.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $2,179

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8. Hong Kong: This city has set up business-friendly policies that encourage digital nomads to make it their home. If you love the big city feel for fairly low living expenses, Hong Kong may be for you -- as long as you can deal with the poor air quality. The city ranked highly for internet, weather, and doing well with air conditioning.

Downsides include poor air quality.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $1,825

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9. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Number 9 brings us back to Southeast Asia with Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. If you can avoid being hit by the hordes of motorcycles and mopeds and don't mind the heat, and you will likely love this city. The city ranked well for low cost of living, and the food is amazing.

Downsides include spotty internet and a low number of English speakers.

Monthly estimated expenses: $732

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10. Tokyo, Japan: The land that brought us anime and sumo can't be ignored in this list. Tokyo is a city packed full of people, including a large expatriate community. The public transit system is superb, and walking through the electronic stores is always impressive. The language barrier can be a challenge, according to the CNN article, but hey, just learn Japanese and you'll be fine.

Downsides include cost of living and the language barrier.

Monthly estimated living expenses: $2,755

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