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Top 15 Jobs Threatened by Technology

Factory robot manufacturing arm.

Automation in the workplace has been a concern for hundreds of years, but new technology may bring it to unprecedented saturation. A recent study conducted by Oxford University studied the likelihood of various jobs becoming automated, and the results are a little surprising. Not only are simple, repetitive tasks in danger of being taken over by robots, but so are some jobs that require creative thinking and strong interpersonal skills such as retail sales associates and paralegals.

Unless you have an intense passion for a certain career path, it's important to consider long-term job stability when planning your future. What may be available today might be gone tomorrow. That shouldn't discourage anyone from picking jobs from this list below, but keep the trends presented by SFGate for the top 15 jobs threatened by technology in mind.

1. Telemarketer
Probability of Automation: 99%

2. Loan Officers
Probability of Automation: 98%

3. Receptionist
Probability of Automation: 96%

4. Paralegals and Information Clerks
Probability of Automation: 94%

5. Bike Repairer
Probability of Automation: 94%

6. Retail Salesperson
Probability of Automation: 92%

7. Automotive Body Repairer
Probability of Automation: 91%

8. Real Estate Appraisers
Probability of Automation: 90%

9. Bakers
Probability of Automation: 89%

10. Construction Laborers
Probability of Automation: 88%

11. Carpet Installers
Probability of Automation: 87%

12. Subway and Streetcar Operators
Probability of Automation: 86%

13. Power Plant Operators
Probability of Automation: 85%

14. Tailors, Dressmakers, and Customer Servers
Probability of Automation: 84%

15. Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, and Tile and Marble Setters
Probability of Automation: 83%

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