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Military Skills Translator

NCOA, Join Up for Improved Veteran Job Fairs


NCOA Overview

Established in 1960, the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) is committed to putting veterans in post-military careers. It offers benefits and services to service members and their families, with the mission of enhancing and maintaining quality of life "for noncommissioned and petty officers in all branches of the armed forces, active duty, National Guard, Reserves, veterans (separated and retired), widows, and their families."

The NCOA is a federally chartered military non-profit, with nearly 100 chapters worldwide. It  offers savings with universities, Tricare supplementation, hotel discounts, and more. The organization has a strong voice on Capitol Hill with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

NCOA job fairs for veterans, active-duty service members and their dependents are free of charge.

NCOA and

The NCOA and have partnered to enhance existing NCOA job fairs, of which there will be 25 across the U.S. and Europe in 2017.

Through this partnership, the NCOA will connect with's audience of veterans and its network of employers seeking to hire veterans, while improving the quality of job fairs and increasing job offerings.

Partnering with will increase space at NCOA job events, allowing more companies to participate. Attendees will also have access to articles and tools so they will be better prepared for career fairs. Such tools include's Transition Center and app, Military Skills Translator, and articles and resources on finding a post-military career.

A full list of NCOA and other career fairs is available on the Job Fair aggregator.

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